MPS Energy

MPS Energy is part of MPS and specialises in the provision of energy services in the social housing sector. MPS has been caring for residents’ homes for over 25 years. Our people are experts in estate management and property maintenance, as well as all the main building and specialist trades.

At MPS Energy, our services focus on identifying the right solutions for investment, ensuring you can effectively invest into the welfare of your buildings, whilst maximising energy and cost saving strategies.

Whether your aim is energy reduction, carbon savings or asset flexibility, we can advise on the best solution to deliver your business goals. Our team of expert energy consultants can help arrange and manage your assets with the most effective energy strategy.

Energy Services

We believe in providing residents with warm and safe homes. So, our focus is firmly on maintaining the economic and efficient operational capacity of the boilers we install or repair.

Our experienced team have a strong track record of delivering commercial and domestic boilers, as well as district mains and communal heating, distribution infrastructure, pipe work, ventilation systems, controls upgrade and full compliance testing.

  • Domestic and Commercial Gas Installations, servicing and electrical testing

  • Renewables – ASHPs (Air Source Heat Pumps) and Solar

  • Insulation – External Wall Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Internal Wall Insulation and Loft

  • ECO Funding – Delivered in partnership with C6 Funding

MPS Energy Yearly achievements

Our Fuel Switch Solution

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Switch to sustainable homes and cheaper fuel bills, improving homes for the future

The most cost effective way to increase the SAP rating across your housing stock is through fuel switching.

Many households across the UK live in fuel poverty, unable to afford the high costs of electricity, coal, oil or LPG.

For many of us, gas central heating is a given, but today approximately 18% of the UK population are living off gas, which means about 4.4 million homes may be affected.

Gas heating is not only a cost effective method of heating, it is also more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels.

At MPS Energy, we believe everyone deserves the right to a warm home, which is why we are providing a dedicated fuel switching solution, Switched On.

Switched On is our unique proposition that enables us to connect residents’ homes to mains gas.

We do all the leg work

We will apply for funding on your behalf so you don’t have to.

Leveraging our unique position, we will incorporate funding initiatives to support the application.

After that, it's easy...

  • Initial fuel switching discussion
  • Basis stock data provided
  • Application submitted to local network provider
  • Detailed stock evaluation
  • Fundamental recommendations provided
  • Approach agreed
  • Work commences
17-18% off the UK population is off gas. This equates to approximately 4.4m homes.
Off grid properties typically have lower SAP ratings
Customers in off grid properties often have a higher propensity to be in fuel poverty, due to the higher cost of fuel
Annual household energy savings can be
£530 for homes moving from electricity
£460 for homes moving from LPG
£380 for homes moving from solid fuels
£110 for homes moving from oil